Event organizers: Double your attendance by ‘recycling’ event communities

We’ve just launched a powerful new feature to help you increase attendance. We call it ‘Event series’ and it lets you ‘recycle’ past event communities.

When you add your event on Conferize, we encourage sending out an email invitation to speakers, delegates and everyone else who could be interested in your event community.

The cool new thing is that you can now transfer a community from past events too. 


Here’s how Event Series work:

1. Say you hosted an event, My Cool Event 13, that gathered 1,000 people in your community on Conferize last year. You only had seats for a 100 people, but the community was 10 times bigger than that.

2. Encouraged by all the interest you’re looking to double up for this year. So your target attendance is now 200 people. You add My Cool Event 14 on Conferize and mark it as part of your The Cool Event Series.

3. Boom, you’ve linked two events in a series. Conferize now transfers all the followers instantly and notifies everyone that My Cool Event 14 is happening. Effectively you start your community with 1,000 people from day one! 

Since people were interested in your event last year, they’re more likely to register and/or help you spread the word to grow the community even further. That’s what we call ‘Doing It Together’ (DIT).

The new features are free for all plans

How to create an Event Series:
When you add a new event you can create a new series or connect the event to an existing series. You can also add/create a series with existing events in My Events.

How to claim an event on Conferize:
Our community is always very active in submitting events they want to follow. If you come across such an event that you’re organizing you can easily claim it by getting in touch