Why hashtagging can make or break your event

Time after time again we’ve seen conferences and events not reach their potential because of bad hashtagging. The sad truth is that even if highly embraced, Twitter is often misused and not fully optimized. The good news is, we have 4 simple tips to help you create your prefect hashtag and successfully engage better with your audience.

1) Keep it relevant
The more relevant your hashtag is, the more unwanted noise you can cut out with little effort at all. Use the event title. Add the year. From our experience, acronyms are everyone’s best friend too. A good example is #CES14 – short, simple and unique.

2) Keep it short
Let’s face it, long hashtags are a nuisance and the biggest disincentive when you only have 140 characters to play with. So, keep it simple.

3) Use it
Time after time again we’ve seen event organisers plan and prep so well for their event, but forget to use their hashtag in amongst the exciting hum-buzz of their actual event. The worst practice is having a great hashtag but not using it. Use the hashtag in all promotional materials before, after and of course, during the event too.

4) Engage in conversations
Having the right hashtag is one thing, but tracking the use of it and responding is equally important. Be active, friendly and approachable. Retweet, reply and most importantly, be authentic.

If used correctly, your unique hashtag can be your best content marketing friend. Not only that, but hashtags are vital to making your Conferize page look and feel amazing, filling your online conference with the latest updates and highlights of and for your community.
Need some inspiration? Here are some events that have had the greatest success with their hashtag on Conferize - #SMMW14 or #cebit14