Location, location, location! Conferize is now putting the Event Industry thoroughly on the Map

Some say location is everything. In a world of international events, it really is!


Conferize has worked long and hard on a structured approach to location. Today it’s finally here. This new upgrade will help you connect better with events and people, no matter where they are in the world!

It works for events, people, and people at events!

1. Search for events by location
If you head on over to our Search page, you can enter any given location, e.g. USA, Europe or Austin, Tx. in addition to our other filters (such as category, time, ranking etc.).

This example will show you the most active tech conferences in the USA on Conferize all tim (since 2012). Looks like Apple won over both Dreamforce, Google I/O and TED! 


2. Search for people by location
We’ve applied the same structured location data for our users as well. Want to know who are the most connected people on Conferize in the US? Here you go. You should recognize a few faces here. 


3. Search for people at events by location

Let’s say you’re headed for IMEX in Frankfurt and want to know if someone from your home town will be going. Head on over to IMEX and go to the Network tab. Type in your home town and see if people from your hood are going. Voila!

Or maybe you met a friendly German at SXSWi and forgot his name? No worries, here’s a link to the relevant search.

We hope you agree there are many uses for a structured approach to location in the event industry. As always, let us know what you think!