Create simply stunning event pages with Conferize

Professional events has a new face online. Today Conferize is introducing the brand new event pages across all events on our platform.


The new event pages is designed to be easy on the eye and more user friendly, putting everything events related in its proper place: Speakers, media, the community, and realtime activity to constantly capture the beating heart of your event.

It’s also much more visual and customizable, giving event organizers more options to present their events with logo and a large photo showing the atmosphere at their event.

Gorgeous media feeds to wow your audience
Conferize has probably the world’s smartest and most innovative approach to event media. We call it ‘collective media’ and it’s everything that you, your speakers and the community care to share. We track all conversations on your event page and Twitter, and from that we identify the most popular rich media content items.

It’s a lot of heavy data processing behind the scenes, but the result is as beautiful as it is captivating: Your own tailored media feed, powered and curated by the web and your community. Any content type (video, photos, presentations, papers) from any platform (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Slideshare etc.) available in one user friendly place. We of course also support video livestreaming from any platform. It just works!


Burning Questions captures the knowledge of your crowd 
A prominent new innovation of the event page is a component we call ‘Burning questions’. It’s designed to engage your audience and capture the knowledge of your crowd. With this component you are at the forefront of the event revolution, where your capable speakers and delegates get a chance to shine and create a body of knowledge specific to your conference theme. You can of course customize your Burning Questions for each event (Go to My Events).


World’s best event networking 
Conferize has one of the best networking and matchmaking features. Forbes believes it’s even better than LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your event attendance, and to keep up with though leaders of any industry. We offer these networking features with every event and for Conferize in general. 


One community to rule them all 
It’s important to remember that all the activity and media being shared at individual event pages are streamed into the Conferize network itself, potentially reaching millions of events professionals. The larger you build your community and the more active they are, the more it will resonate throughout Conferize’s network, the social web and frequent automated newsletters. On Conferize you can also create a ‘Series‘ of events, gradually building your audience from event to event, instead of starting from scratch. It’s one community to rule them all.

We hope you enjoy the new event page. Any feedback or questions are welcome!

How to get started using the new features
How do I add or edit a Burning question for my event?
How do I upload a photo to my event page?
How do I get media on to my event page?