The new Conferize is here: Events online, done right

Earlier this year we embarked on a long journey to make Conferize simpler, savvier and, well, sexier. Finally, Conferize V1 is here!

The new Conferize is an engaging and visually striking platform, created to increase the lifespan and impact of professional events online. We’ve redesigned and rebuilt every single page and created new ways to experience events. And don’t worry, everything you’ve come to expect of Conferize is still there.

Try it now or read on.


So, what’s new in V1? 
Everything! And it now also works on any mobile device!

Below are some of the highlights, we’ll be elaborating in upcoming posts.

And please join the launch party tomorrow (28 August @ 5pm) in Copenhagen: Conferize V1 Launch: Meet the Future of Events


New customizable event pages with rich media & community built in
A member of the press once said that Conferize was more valuable than 99 % of all conference websites. Well, we also wanted to also make it prettier and more useful. And we wanted event organizers to feel even more at home by tailoring the page to match their brand. Of course it also sports both rich media and community networking built right in (more info below). 

Check out STHLM Tech Fest for a live version. 


Event media done right: Everything in one place
We believe professional events are a unique source of knowledge that until now has been very hard to access in a structured way. This is why rich media is now a prominent part of Conferize. Just click a media item and a new media overlay pops up. No need to scour the web anymore, it’s all here in the same place!

Here’s all the media from STHLM Tech Fest. 
Here are the best presentations from around the world in the past month.


Community and networking to make your event last

One of the reasons we feel so strongly about professional events it that they enable people to create deeper social ties than with any online connection. We’ve created our social features with the purpose of helping to facilitate more meetings in real life. In a Conferize community you can sift through the crowd and find people you want to connect with or meet at any given event. 

Check out the Community at STHLM Tech Fest.


Ask Burning Questions to explore topics with your community
Most events exist to explore certain topics. We thought: Why not start this journey before the event and have a place to capture the collective thoughts of your community? Introducing Burning Questions: A completely new thing in the world that will help you engage your audience and accumulate knowledge.
Check out an example here.

But wait! There are more ways to discover events on Conferize
In addition to the highlights above, here are cool new things we’ve built:

  • A brand new Discovery page to inspire you with the world of events
  • A new personalized Home page for you to keep up with your world of events (must be logged in to see it)
  • New user profiles for speakers and delegates to shine and build their portfolio of events, content and followers. Example.
  • A new page for exploring Speakers. Event organizers always struggle to find new and upcoming speakers. Problem solved: Almost 40,000 to choose from.
  • A new page for exploring the Conferize community. It’s probably the biggest ‘Who’s who’ for professional events: 4,428,485 people so far