Create more value with Conferize’s new Sponsor product


Today Conferize has released a brand new Sponsor product that rethinks event sponsorship. It’s designed to let your sponsors play a part and stand out on your event page and community on Conferize. It offers real customer interaction and ROI for sponsors, as they become an integral of the community with their own profile.

Your full usually community grows 5-10 times bigger than your attending audience. Resell the added value to your sponsors who can connect with buyers before, during and after–more time and opportunities to close deals!

Oh,  it can also be integrated directly on your website or blog too, like this:

How it works

  1. Once you’ve enabled the Sponsor package you quickly add any number of sponsors. You can also define types of sponsors: Gold, Platinum, Bronze, Media etc.
  2. Upload a logo for each sponsor, add a description, and add a contact person. You select the personal contact by searching Conferize users, so make sure they have a free Conferize account.
  3. You can reorder your sponsors and edit everything until you’re happy with the result.
  4. The Sponsor section is automatically added on your event page on Conferize. It exists as a ‘slider’ right on your Overview page and has a full Sponsor page in the menu.
  5. Grab the Embed code to integrate your Sponsors directly on your website or blog.


Get in touch to get the Sponsor package or learn more.

Learn even more in our F.A.Q.