Stay in control with the new Manage Event page

As some of you may have noticed we’ve just introduced a brand new way to manage your events on Conferize. We call it (drum roll) Manage Event!


You can access this page either from My Events (click Manage) or from your event page (there’s a direct link in the black top menu).

What it does
We realized there should be an easy way to manage events on Conferize, as well as get very concrete inspiration and tips for being more successful in building and engaging your community. Now there is!

Here’s a closeup:


As you see above, a prominent feature is that Conferize will constantly monitor your progress and guide you to a more successful event by suggesting things to do. Simply click the Next step and fill in the missing information to keep growing your event score to 100 %

You can quickly get a sense of how well you events is doing in terms of community size, activity, latest members of your community etc.

There is also a quick way to Engage community by posting updates, media and any other important information to your community. What you post here will of course go into your Activity page on Conferize. Any media links you share (Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr etc.) will be included in the Media section. There is usually a short delay, and remember the default sorting of media is by popularity so new media is added to the bottom of the list).

The rest is pretty straightforward, you can access anything via the left-hand menu and edit anything you like. We hope you like the new Manage Event page!

Tip: The Sponsor section is a premium add-on feature, you’ll need to get in touch to enable it (learn more about it here).