The open platform for events: Announcing the Conferize registration API with Eventora


At Conferize we’ve always believed in keeping our platform as open as possible. Today we’re announcing a new registration API to underpin just how serious we are about our open position and the endeavor of reducing fragmentation in the global events industry.

Why is this important?
We estimate that roughly 5,000 registration services exist today, powering the world’s  2+ million annual professional events. It’s a jungle with virtually no overview possible. With the new API it’s much easier for event organizers and registration providers to list their events on Conferize, the leading open platform for professional events worldwide. It also makes it easier for attendees to benefit from Conferize’s social networking and content sharing features.

What is it?
A while back we announced our partnership with Eventbrite, one of the largest and fastest growing registration platforms in the world. From this we learned a lot about how to structure an integration and we eventually developed our own API for any registration service to integrate.

For event organizers using registration services that’s integrated with Conferize, it’s now much easier to …

  1. import events to be listed on Conferize for millions to discover.
  2. buy a ticket for an event on Conferize.
  3. invite existing and new attendees to network and share content.
  4. reap the benefits of the Conferize platform.

Announcing the first integration with pioneering partner Eventora
We’re launching the new API together with the great team at Eventora, who–just like Conferize–are official TEDx partners.


Nick Tsamis, CEO of Eventora, comments:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Conferize. Eventora’s easy event registration and smart event management is now combined with Conferize’s powerful community building. For attendees, this means a better, seamless registration experience. For organizers, it means more registrations and engagement.”

“Both our companies are TEDx partners, and Eventora serves TEDx events in 25 countries. For TEDx communities worldwide, there are many benefits coming from our partnership. Joining forces with Conferize helps us in our mission to make smart events simple.”

Jon Schäffer, Co-Founder & CCO of Conferize says:

“Eventora is a great and cost effective registration solution. Partnering with Eventora means that event organizers can now easily plug in registration, build a living event community and sell more tickets on Conferize. This is a perfect match for both companies and for our customers.”

How the Eventora integration works in practice:
With this integration event organizers can publish their event on Conferize with just a click on the Eventora control panel. Event attendees can now register seamlessly via the Conferize event page. Whenever someone buys a ticket, also outside of Conferize, they can easily be invited to join the community with social networking and content sharing.

API specs and key
For registration providers and developers, please refer to the API documentation and get in touch regarding integration.