Free social event websites for conferences and meetups: Introducing Conferize Organizer


We’re very excited to present a major new addition to the Conferize Organizer product suite: Truly social event websites!

It means that everything you’ve come to expect from Conferize–a dynamic event community with social networking and content sharing–now can operate under your very own website domain, e.g. ‘ It can effectively save you the time, headaches, and costs of building your own website, while offering your attendees, followers, speakers, sponsors a much more engaging event experience.

The website features has already been included at no extra cost in all plans, also our free Basic plan and for existing events. If you’re running meetups that are free to attend, we’ll support you with a free forever website. Read on below.

We’ve also added a bunch of new features to be able to provide you with the most engaging social and user-friendly event website in the world!

Read all about it on our new Organizer product website or check out the embedded video here. There’s also a FAQ below.

Are you ready to retire your old non-social and static website?

So, tell me everything about the website features?
The full list of website-related features is below. It only takes a minute to add your event on Conferize, so why not get started now?

  • Custom URL, e.g. (NEW).
  • Custom welcome message/media area on your front page (NEW).
  • Custom pages: Add up to five custom subpages (NEW).
  • New editor with support for rich text, images and rich media editor for all pages (NEW).
  • Support for any registration service.
  • Content sharing and aggregation, including video livestream.
  • Social networking and matchmaking for attendees, speakers and followers.
  • Custom graphics and logo to match your brand.
  • Your event is seamlessly connected to our platform with a community of millions of event lovers.
  • Choose from over 50,000+ readymade speaker profiles.
  • Easily invite your speakers, sponsors, attendees to help grow your community.
  • Create a series of events where the community grows from event to event.
  • Reliable website hosting with market leading performance included.
  • Fully responsive website to adjust for smaller devices.

Show me an example


One of our first customers are, check it out. You’ll notice that the Conferize branding has been minimized to its bare minimum, yet keeping all the lovely community and content features. The event website is all about you!

What does it cost?
It’s free! Meaning that we’ve added the website features at no extra cost for all existing plans, also the free Basic plan (free up to 100 people). It makes it by far the most cost effective event website, not to mention the only truly social event website, available anywhere today.
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Is it really completely free for meetups, workshops, and seminars?
Yes! We love anyone who works to gather cool people in a room without charging for it. So you can use Conferize free of charge, even if your community grows over 100 people.
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How and when can I use it?

The website feature is already live for all existing and upcoming events. It means that you can Manage or add an event and tell it to operate under your own domain, e.g. www . myevent . com instead of

Go to My events to select an event to use with your own domain. Then go to Event info / Custom domain and follow instructions. Simple!


That’s cool, but what makes it really cool?
We’ve long been puzzled with the status quo in the events industry where 99 % of event websites are static and non-social, adding no real value to attendees, regardless of how gorgeous they may look. It’s an incredibly overlooked opportunity to create real value for delegates and build a community to help promote the event. A key feature of a Conferize website is that visitors can Follow the event free of charge. It gives event organizers the chance to convert a “maybe” visitor to a “definitely” attendee. Without this feature, most visitors will leave the website and may never come back.

We’ve seen that event communities often grow 5-10 times bigger than the physical attendance. We’ve also seen a host of cases where followers were converted to attendees through our platform. Without Conferize all that potential value is not captured and utilized. Making it an integral part of the event website is a huge benefit, leaving the organizer with only one platform to work with. And that platform is currently the only open social platform for events.

We’ve also seen how event organizer struggle to turn generic website platforms into something that works for events. It’s often a painful and/or expensive process, ending up with a result that may be useful, informative and elegant, but in no way captures or reflects the essence of the event itself. An event is a social and dynamic context that produces engaging content, strong social ties and unparalleled excitement from speakers, sponsors and attendees–when it works well, of course.

The most obvious reason that a suitable solution hasn’t been brought forward before, is that from a technology and design perspective it’s virtually impossible for most event organizers to engineer a true online experience that reflect the nature of the events–without spending a ridiculous amount of money and yet being unsure if it’ll work. It’s also a challenge that many technology companies in the past have taken on and failed it.

Conferize has for the past three years specialized in creating a true event experience online. It’s been used by thousands of events and millions of people. It’s now available for any event organizer to make it their own–with a simple, user friendly interface that was made specifically for events people, and nothing else. And yet pricing starts at free. That’s what makes us so excited.

Martin and the Conferize Team