This is why making an event website with Conferize is a walk in the park



Events are not going out of fashion. Meeting face-to-face, learning and creating together is more important than ever. But events are changing. Meetups, companies and event organizers are changing how events are made and exist online. And we see attendees wanting to play a more active role.

Conferize gives event organizers a really user-friendly tool that makes creating a custom event website simple. In just a few steps, it is possible to have an event website that boosts ticket sales, engages attendees, promotes events and creates more social networking opportunities.

See how simple it is to make an event website with Conferize:

  1. Go to Add event and enter all the basic information about your event. Use any registration you prefer to sell your tickets. If you don’t have al the info, don’t worry, you can add that later.
  2. Upload your background image and logo to stand out. You can add text and rich media, e.g. video, on the front page to welcome everyone.
  3. Choose your speakers from our database of over 50,000 readymade profiles. Just start typing their names and Conferize will fill in the rest. Talk about a time saver!
  4. And you’re done! You don’t need to worry about coding or hosting, that’s all been taken care of.

Now you can invite everyone to your website and community (Go to Community/Messages and upload your email contacts). When people Follow your event, they’ll get email updates about how your event and community grows. It’s the perfect way to keep them excited until they register for your event!

Here are a few pro tips to do more:

  • If you add your hashtag, Conferize will automatically capture any social media content and leads for you. Cool, huh?
  • You can even use your own website domain, e.g. (Pro feature)
  • You can add more custom pages (Pro feature)
  • We can help you promote your event (Premium package)
  • Have many events or special needs? We can help you! (Enterprise)

Here are a few examples of well thought out and good looking event websites on Conferize: Tech Fest 2015, Technoport 2015, FRESH15.




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