Why Slush 2015 is well worth the brain-freeze


In 2008, nobody would have thought that Slush would evolve into one of the most influential tech conferences in Northern Europe. With an anticipated audience of 15,000 tech entrepreneurs, VCs and journalists, Slush can now be mentioned alongside powerhouse tech conferences such as The Web Summit and Tech Crunch Disrupt

What sets this tech con aside from the aforementioned mega conferences? For one, the emphasis does not fall on tech giants such as Apple and Google. Instead, this Conference is all about the smaller guys who rarely get a chance to showcase themselves and make it big. If that sounds disappointing then don’t get your panties in a knot because Slush still has a lot to offer in terms of heavy hitting speakers, sensational entertainment and a pitching contest for the top 100 startups.

Last years Slush continued to outgrow itself with 20 satellite events, four stages, more than 13,000 attendees from 80 countries and 3,600 companies. The audience must have been overjoyed to find out that huge beer trucks were rearing in their enormous rearends to guarantee a constant flow of beer throughout the night. The scene definitely instilled an image along the lines of a sci-fi flick with walking/talking robots, electronic music and a laser show reminiscent of the northern lights.

via - Forbes

via – Forbes

We know that last year was such a huge success that it blew the minds of many unexpectant attendees, but what exactly does this year have in store for us? So far there are 100 confirmed investors and over 20 speakers with many more to come. Here are a few of the top dog investors that we can expect; Index Ventures, Balderton and North Zone.

These investors bring a lot of value to the startups that are attending, but what about the general populace? No need to fret because there are also going to be countless significant speeches from ace speakers such as; Bracken Darell CEO of Logitech, Bruce Upbin Managing Editor at Forbes, Niklas Zentström CEO/Cofounder of Skype, and Sonny Vu CEO/Founder of Misfit Wearables.

We hope that you are all looking forward to this years event as much as we are. To follow the happenings at Slush online click here