Content Marketing World, the champions of pre-event marketing


Content Marketing World is among the biggest jewels when it comes to marketing conferences. So who better to learn how to market your event than from them. Content Marketing World is within the 20 most active events on Conferize with an activity of 70.6K posts and a community of 31.3K people. So how did they manage to connect with all these people? Well, the most obvious reason is that they are masters of creative content that tickles marketing experts fancy. The event is organized by the Content Marketing Institute, whose sole mission is, you guessed it, to share and develop their know-how in content marketing.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty aspects of what event organizers can take away from CMWorld’s pre-event marketing strategy, let’s run through what content marketing exactly entails. The exact definition that the content marketing institute has to offer us is, “the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience”. This valuable content usually appears in the form of a; blog, newsletter, info-graphic, podcast, print magazine, video, web content, webinar, and slide. These are all excellent ways to attract an audience, however we’re only going to focus on the perks of four factors that attribute to CMWorlds success in the events industry.

  1. Frequent posting on social media: This sounds like it is a given but you would be surprised at how underrated it can get in the events industry. Usually, the average event organizer will tweet three to five times a day, while CMWorld tweets double, even triple that in a day. When Guy Kawasaki was asked how much time he spends on twitter in a day, his reply was: “If I’m on the computer, I’m on Twitter, and I’m on a computer eight hours per day”. So next time you feel satisfied with the amount of social media posts you’ve scheduled, make sure to double it up.
  2. Twitter chatting session: One way that CMWorld manages their community so well is that they organize twitter chatting sessions between themselves, speakers and the audience. Not only does this engage their audience in a way that shows them genuine interest in their thoughts and opinions, but it also makes for great copy writing content. Once the chat session is finalized, organizers can translate the content into a transcript or a slide for anyone to read. The material can also be chewed over to gain inspirational ideas for blog article.
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  3. Teaser slides, articles and videos: People love to learn about new ideas, thoughts and innovations within their own given industry. So why not oblige them with relevant content that sheds light on what exactly you as an organizer are representing through your event. CMWorld already has more than 30 slides, 20 videos and countless blog articles at their disposal before their event has kicked off. Surely this is no easy task, but with the help of your employees, volunteers, speakers, and possibly sponsors this feat can be achieved.
  4. Own customized event app: This is not a cheap investment and requires a lot of extra work to ensure that the final product is effective. However with a well designed app, your attendees have a better over all experience at your event. CMWorld’s app consists of nine sections; speakers, schedule, exhibitors, maps, networking, search, about, QR scanner, and event info. With this app attendees can save a lot of time and get a chance to plan out their conference experience literally just using the tip of their fingers.

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