Top 10 presentations of all time on Conferize

We’ve collected the ten most shared presentations from the events industry. The following slides were either uploaded or tracked on Conferize and cover topics ranging from the tech industry all the way to the film industry.

10. 2015: The Year of The Crowd from LeWeb Paris 2014 by Jeremy Owyang


9. SEO Tactics to Love and Leave from Business of Software 2014 by Rand Fishkin


8. Visual Content Marketing Strategy Book from Content Marketing World 2014


7. Why Rich Media Matters from ATD International Conference and Exposition


6. Content Marketing Strategy Book from Content Marketing World 2014


5. Riding the Waves of Social Media from Social Media Marketing World 2014


4. Sir Jones Magazine from International CES 2015


3. Security – Rewritten by the application economy from RSA Conference 2015


2. Linux Performance Tools from The O’Reiley Velocity Conference 2015 by Brendan Gregg


1. Enlarge Your Lion! from Cannes 2014

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