Event communications made easy: Introducing the new Group Messaging from Conferize

We know that time is one of the most precious resources for event organizers. That’s why we created a tool to free up more of it. When it comes to growing and managing your event, communication is pretty much the most important aspect.

With the new updated Messages center, organizers can now easily invite and email leads, attendees, speakers and followers directly from within Conferize. Here’s the good news: It converts significantly better than any other email marketing you do!

The full Group Messages is included in the Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans – at no extra charge. Clients with the Basic plan can still use the invitation features freely. Head on over to My events to promote your upcoming events. You’ll find everything under Community / Messages.

Check out the video below or read on!

Here’s how it works:


Inviting leads really works. As in really works.

Once you’ve created your website on Conferize and added as much information as possible (this is important), it’s time to add people. Head over to the new Messages center under the Community tab from where you manage your event.

We’ll walk you through a simple 3 step process:

  1. Add people to invite (paste emails or upload a CSV-file, make sure you have the proper permissions to contact everyone)
  2. Customize the invitation (subject, sender name and the invitation itself)
  3. Send it (After drafting or schedule it for later).

We’ve already an elegant email template with your name,logo and all the appropriate links directly to your website. It simply doesn’t get easier than this.



These invitations work! We’ve seen open rates of up to 75 % (!) and click rates of up to 35 % (!).

This step is really important and not to be missed. It’s most likely the most effective type of marketing you can do. Why is that? Mainly because it’s free, fun to join the event’s community and something anyone can do at any time. Once people follow your event, you have a chance to sway them to become attendees (see below).


Swaying your Followers with Group messages

Conferize offers something that no other website does. It captures visitors for you! Rather than just leaving your website without buying a ticket, a big part of your visitors will choose to follow your event. This means you can reach out to them later through the Messages center! Simply offer them a good deal or let them know how much you appreciate their time and interest. It always pays off.

The way you contact followers is simple: Go to your Message center and create a Group message. Here you select the segment “Followers not yet attending” and follow a simple step-by-step process.



Important to note: With the Group message you can also reach out to Attendees and Speakers. It’s important to know that on Conferize people need to opt in as Followers, Attendees and/or Speakers. We do this to respect their time and privacy. If someone hasn’t chosen to become part of your community yet, you can not reach them through Conferize. So be sure to send them an invitation to join.


Inviting attendees automatically via Eventbrite

If you use Eventbrite as a registration service, you can automate the invitation process to send invitations to new ticket buyers right after they register. This is highly recommended as it converts extremely well. Why? Because when people just bought a ticket to your event, some of their main interests will be to meet speakers, other attendees, and check out the pre-conference excitement, schedule, sponsors etc.


To activate simply click ‘Automatic invitations’ on your Messages page. Once you’ve enabled this option, you can customize the invitation message in your Message center.

(PS: We’re able to provide this functionality due to our partnership with Eventbrite. If you own a registration service and want to integrate with us too, please check out our API).


Automated engagement messages and getting an overview

We recommend setting up Conferize as one of the first things you do when planning a new event. It just means you have more time to grow your community and reach! But to make sure they stay excited about your event, we’re automatically sending out a weekly community digest with information about the latest people and activity around your event. It’s very similar to LinkedIn digests and people can unsubscribe if they don’t want it. We also send them a tailored email with different templates if they are attendees or online followers right before the event and after.

It’s very simple to see and manage all the upcoming messages since they are shown front and center every time you enter the Messages center. This includes your own scheduled ones and the automated ones. Here you can view emails, disable any of the automated messages (although it’s not recommended) and you can also see all the sent emails. Pretty handy, eh?



An important note on followers via your #hashtag

If you have enabled social media tracking via your event #hasthag, we will automatically include tweets and media from people using your hashtag. These people will be listed as followers (leads) in your community. We do this because they’re obviously interested in your event and it’s a really powerful way for you to get insights into your total community and reach. However it’s important to note that if followers from Twitter have not joined Conferize, you will not be able to email them with a Group Message. We simply don’t have their contact details and respect their privacy. Once they join Conferize they can claim their temporary profile by signing up with Twitter and become active members of your community.

We hope you will enjoy the updated Group Messages functionality! Many have already put it to good use with great results. If you have any questions, always feel free to get in touch.