Introducing the social event schedule from Conferize

Today, Conferize is introducing the world’s first social and visual event schedule. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to publish or update an event schedule that we know of.

The new schedule has already been pushed live to all events and plans, this includes the free Basic plan as well.

Check out the video, or read on below. Or check out this live example here.

Here’s why we’re excited about it:

Create and share your own schedule


Attendees can create their own schedule from their favorite sessions by bookmarking them. They can be added dynamically to their calendars or shared via social media. Here’s an example.

Sessions create social media buzz


Each session can be individually shared on social media by speakers and attendees. It creates quite a lot  of additional buzz since it adds many more relevant content items to share.

 Get a sense of which sessions are popular


Everyone can see who’s interested in each session. It’s also great for organizers to get a sense of which sessions will draw the biggest crowds. When viewing a user in relation to an event, you can see some of the sessions they’re interested in.

 Speakers are highlighted


Speakers are tied in to each session. They have clear links to their profile and easy access to Follow them. Speakers are especially likely to share their own sessions to make sure they’re being noticed.

 Works on any device, for any event


The Schedule works equally well on desktop and mobile, for any sized event. Sessions can be filtered by all the available criteria: most popular, day, room, theme, format.

Many ways to view, easy on the eyes


The sessions can be listed in three different ways: Collapsed (for overview), Expanded (with full descriptions), or in a visual “Swimlane” that’s similar to most TV-guide presentations. You can upload an image to represent each session, which makes it stand out and easy to identify.

Quite possibly the fastest way to create a schedule


We spent quite a bit of time making sure the schedule is super easy to create and update. It’s crucial that event organizers don’t waste time trying to code their own solution or spend time trying to get work done in an unsuited work environment.

A new way to publish your event schedule

At the heart of any succesful event lies a great program. But for way too long, event organizers have struggled to manage and publish their schedules. Since the program will be constantly changing, most event organizers hold back with publishing the schedule until it’s more or less done. The reason for this, is that it’s way too difficult and tedious to publish and update the program online. Many organizers still use print as a means to share their schedule, which is far from dynamic or time-saving. This circumstance is a hugely missed marketing opportunity. But with the new schedule from Conferize, you can publish sessions faster than ever at any point, seamlessly make changes at any time keeping everyone in time at all points of the event. Whether it be the beginning, middle or end.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the new Schedule!