Meet a more flexible social event website

We’ve worked relentlessly the past months to improve the tools for creating the best social event website possible.

Creating and managing your website

We’ve introduced a lot more flexibility when setting up your event website. Here are a few highlights:

  • You can now change the front page and menu to suit your needs.
  • You can add custom pages with any type of content (media, text, links etc.).
  • You can now add page introductions to dynamic pages, e.g. schedule and speaker pages.
  • You can now edit the link to your event, to make it short and memorable.

Improved social features

We have also upgraded many of the social features of your website:

  • The profile of people and speakers will now pop right up on the website with the option to learn more and message the person directly.
  • We have changed the way that Activity is displayed on your website so it’s more engaging and accessible for your visitors. Check it out on your mobile device too!
  • Discussions have become more engaging and easier for you to set up. They’re perfect to start conversations before the event.

We’ve also improved many minor things, such as the option to change email on your user account, deleting your event and improved image upload functionality for both organizers and attendees.

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