Meet the new Conferize Registration: A better way to gather your tribe

The new Conferize Registration is social, attendee-friendly … and free.


It’s launch day!

Conferize Registration is probably the most social and attendee-friendly registration system ever built. It’s also among the most affordable, as we charge 0 % in commission, even for paid tickets.

Registration integrates directly with our popular products, social event website and community, now being used by events in more than 100 countries around the world.

There’s never been a better way to gather your tribe and start the conversation.

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The most attendee-friendly and social registration system ever built?

Events are really all about the people, so Conferize Registration is highly social. Attendees have social profiles and can find and network with each other, right from the get-go. Attendees can easily plan their events, follow speakers and social activity, see who’s going to which sessions and share their own faves.

We’ve integrated with both Paypal and Stripe to provide the most seamless and secure check-out experience for end-users. When buying multiple tickets, it’s easy to share it with others that become members of the event community right away.

When arriving at the event, attendees can check in themselves, using their online ticket, or organizers can choose to quickly do it for them using a snappy search interface. Nobody likes to stand in line.


0 % in commission. Yes, you read that right…

Most registration systems charges a fee per ticket sold, that is ultimately paid by attendees. Not so with Conferize where the commission is 0 %. And with no hidden fees or required subscriptions it’s another benefit for attendees and event organizers, lowering the ticket price.

For organizers Registration is very flexible to work with and enables ticket buyers to use any major credit card, as well as bank transfer via PayPal. So, the only cost using Conferize Registration is the small mandatory fee from the payment service chosen.

And, best of all, Conferize Registration offers quick and frequent payouts from Paypal or Stripe, even before the event, to help organizers pay the bills.


What else is in the box?

Conferize Registration is a fully featured registration system for paid or free events, big or small. Here are a few more highlights:

  • Integrates seamslessly with our social event website and community at no extra cost.
  • Works globally: For events in any country supported by Paypal or Stripe, and for ticket buyers anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited tickets and multiple ticket types makes promoting an event easy. In addition to regular free or paid tickets, it’s possible to set up discounted tickets, hidden tickets and even donation tickets, where attendees pay what they want.
  • Events can change the number of available tickets at any time, or activate the waiting list to collect interested ticket buyers for later.
  • Start and end time for the ticket sales can be set on each ticket, making planning easier.
  • For more professional usage, we also offer options to add local taxes and issue invoices automatically with each ticket sale.
  • More questions? Check our FAQ.

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