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The new Conferize  enables anyone to gather their tribe and share interests. Create event website, sell tickets & grow the social community – all in one place.

We just introduced probably the most social and affordable way to sell event tickets. Hint: 0 % in commission, even for paid tickets.

The new Registration works together with our popular social event website and community. The products can be used alone, or all together.

It’s a powerful package used by events in over 100 countries already. Perfect for event makers & event lovers.

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The new Conferize Registration is social, attendee-friendly … and free.




Conferize Registration is probably the most social and attendee-friendly registration system ever built. It’s also among the most affordable, as we charge 0 % in commission, even for paid tickets. Read all about the new Registration in this blog post.

At Conferize, we turn tickets leads into people by offering everyone their own social profile and the ability to meet up and share ideas – before, during and after the event. Read more about our social website and community below.

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A website that’s social and dynamic – like your event itself




The social event website from Conferize is the perfect companion for selling tickets. It’s highly flexible to fit the particular needs of creative event makers. We provide a bunch of tools to easily organize and socialize any event, such as our schedule, sponsors and speakers modules.

It comes in two versions: Basic (example) and Pro (example). Basic is free, Pro is $ 49.

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The social event community: Bringing people together – before, during and after


waldo summit


No matter if you’re hosting a meetup, conference or a Waldo summit, you’ll love the social community that’s a native part of Conferize.

We believe people should be able to find and meet each other and and share ideas – before, during and after the event. We also offer easy email newsletters for organizers to reach their attendees, speakers and followers. The community is offered free of charge with Website and Registration.

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