New white label option and SSL security for custom domains

A quick update on some recent upgrades we’ve released.

New white label option
You can now make Conferize your own with the new white label option. It’ll remove the black Conferize menu bar and make your event website stand out as your own.

All the usual bells and whistles will still work. Everything is designed to give your attendees and visitors a great and streamlined experience, when signing up, buying tickets, networking, etc.

The white label option is enabled by upgrading to PRO at 49 USD pr. event. The PRO package also includes the custom domain option if you prefer to use your own domain.

SSL improvement 
For a long time we’ve offered secure transmission of user data certified with SSL, including for websites using custom domains. However, due to the structure of the SSL certificate we have previously not been able to actually show this for custom domains, giving visitors the impression SSL was not enabled.

That has now been fixed. If you’re using a custom domain for your event website, you shouldn’t notice anything, except for the little ‘s’ added to the “https://” in your website link. A small, but important upgrade. On top of clarity for your visitors it also improves SEO, since Google prioritises secured websites in search results.

Other upgrades
- We have Improved and simplified setting up of custom pages and content for special pages.

– We’ve created a bunch of video tutorials, e.g. “How to set up the website” and “How to set up registration”. Find them in on your Manage event Dashboard page or view the videos here.


Now, please go create some awesome events!

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