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Getting ready for 2020

Verena Singer
Verena Singer
Marketing and Communications
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With the new decade approaching with big steps, it is high time to take a look at some trend forecasting to shed light on what to expect and prepare for in the world of events in 2020. Putting together insights from extensive industry research, we have found three key aspirations for you to pay special attention to when planning and executing successful events in the upcoming year.


Event tech will reach new heights in 2020. Innovative tools will open new opportunities for you as an event organizer to take your events to the next level. Especially advances in RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking technology promise tremendous support in getting to know your audience even more closely by capturing valuable attendee data during your events. Being in the know about where exactly and how attendees prefer to spend their time at your event will reveal a lot about their interests and desires to you, which in turn can be useful for ad-hoc decision-making and future planning. On top of that, integrating RFID technology into your event can provide your audience with a far more seamless and engaging experience, which your attendees will highly appreciate. 

Additionally, micro mapping will outperform traditional projection mapping in 2020. New AI (artificial intelligence) technology using sensors and cameras which can react to attendee responses adds an interactive dimension to this concept. It promises many more possibilities for the creation of engaging and memorable experiences by combining online and offline, that is for instance, turning any physical surface into an interactive touchscreen.

Branded mobile apps are on the rise for events. Already widely in use for informational purposes, event professionals start to reap more of the potential benefits of branded event apps in 2020 to create better attendee engagement and to facilitate advanced networking opportunities for their audience. 

💡Key Takeaway 1

Do not hesitate to explore new event tech tools since they will help you to dig deeper into attendee data than ever before. Thereby you are given the chance to truly know and understand your audience and subsequently to lead your events to success. 


In 2020, you are not merely planning events - you are creating experiences. To stand out of the crowd, these experiences are ideally designed to engage your audience on the individual level. Facilitated by the new technology available, personalization becomes the key in creating engaging events highly valued and sought after by attendees. In fact, according to research by Marketo Inc., 79% of consumers are only motivated to engage with a brand if its communications are tailor-made and reflect a deep understanding of the individual’s interests drawing from past consumer-brand interactions. With this past-interaction data available, consider making personalized session and event path suggestions in your event app, which include the parts of the event which match best with the individual’s interests and thus promise the most valuable event output for them. Alternatively, you can incorporate breakout sessions held in smaller attendee groups for a more personal touch. Being able to freely choose the breakout session of their interest will create a more personally relevant and engaging experience for your attendees. 

Additionally, new trends in event design will shake up the event industry in 2020 and their implementation will guarantee a surprisingly captivating experience for your attendees. New possibilities push the limits of traditional event design, ranging from the selection of unconventional event locations to altering event touchpoints like coffee breaks and follow-ups in creative and innovative ways. 

Moreover, besides gaining new knowledge, networking is what attendees will be specifically looking for when going to future events. Especially in today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world of information-overload, people care more than ever about the irreplaceable value of face-to-face conversation and human connection. And this tendency will only continue to rise in the near future because it is where people meet and share ideas, where the true magic happens. 

💡Key Takeaway 2

It is all about experience. Be creative, unconventional and personal in your planning and dare to be different to capture consumers’ undivided attention and to leave them with an immersive event experience and with plenty of opportunities to expand their network.


Making efforts in sustainability becomes prerequisite in 2020. Integrating green initiatives and caring for the environment while planning and running your event not only boosts your brand image and CSR (corporate social responsibility) credibility but is now also expected by your audience since more and more consumers develop interest in eco-conscious lifestyles. Going all green for your events obviously requires a step by step process. However, it is essential to begin with simple sustainable changes such as making attendees bring their own coffee cup instead of using single-use plastic cups. Slowly stepping up the game, you can consider implementing green initiatives that actively engage your audience during the event like for example tree planting activities. Given the opportunity to act responsibly and to do good for the environment, will evoke positive feelings in people which are inevitably linked to the overall event experience. 

💡Key Takeaway 3

Green is the new black! Efforts in event sustainability have been around for a while, but in 2020 it will not be sufficient anymore to implement basic eco-friendly efforts. People will demand full-on sustainable events - to exceed their expectations, to stand out from the crowd and to make a positive impact on the planet, dedication to all-green events will certainly pay off.

2020 will come with many exciting and new opportunities. Keeping in mind and acting upon these three aspirations while organizing your events for next year will ensure you great success and highly satisfied attendees.

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