BrazilJS 2014

the largest conference of java script in the universe!

Computer Science, Technology

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We are the largest conference of the universe JavaScript! And we want to be even higher.

The idea BrazilJS emerged in mid-2008. Many technology events and several different languages ​​were happening at the time. Jaydson and Felipe were always enthusiasts JavaScript, and felt the lack of a conference focused on language, for them, had a promising future.

Shortly thereafter, in 2009, was born the first conference JavaScript, American JSConf. During the year 2010 the idea evolved and Christiano Milfont was thinking the same, making a national conference JavaScript. Joining forces, Jaydson, Felipe and Christiano succeeded in 2011 to the first conference JavaScript Brazil.

At its premiere in May 2011, BrazilJS Conf became one of the greatest JavaScript conference in the world, with 600 participants and over 20 lectures.

In 2012 BrazilJS Conf attended by over 900 people and first brought to Brazil the legendary creator of the JavaScript language, Brendan Eich.

In 2013, the conference repeated success. With big names such as Douglas Crockford, the number of participants reached almost 1000, filling the theater where the conference is held.

2014 is a special year, will be the fourth consecutive year that the event takes place and the organization is committed to maintaining the success of previous years.

The JavaScript community in Brazil can expect an amazing event!

The Teatro Bourbon Country has altogether 4,100 m² spread over four floors. The environment, the accommodations, service, technical resources: everything you imagine is within the highest standard.

And it could not be, is installed inside the Bourbon Shopping Country, one of the most frequented places of Porto Alegre to tell, among other operations, such as cinemas, Library Culture, Dado Bier Brewery, Bourbon Hypermarket.

From: August 21, 2014 00:00
To: August 22, 2014 23:59

Teatro do Bourbon Country, 80 Avenida Túlio de Rose, 91340-110, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Computer Science, Technology


JSConf, JavaScript, JavaScript language




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