Bruxelles 12/06/14 - Conférence CONFIANCE en SOI - David Laroche

You happen to you there ...
not dare?
ask you a series of question?
to have this little voice inside ...
to be afraid of being ridiculous?
to be afraid of what other...

Self-Help, Education & Learning

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You happen to you there ...
not dare?
ask you a series of question?
to have this little voice inside ...
to be afraid of being ridiculous?
to be afraid of what other people?

Want ...
Take action easily!
Have confidence in yourself!
Oser simply!

How would your life be if you were not able to fail?
What are your goals?
What percentage you exploiteriez your potential?

Confidence functions as a muscle and like all things, there are techniques that can enable everyone, and therefore you be this confident person who dares!
You want to be happy, happier, more affluent, more sociable, get a better job or start your own business, have this couple that works, take action, dare to express yourself, take your place.


David gives his definition of self-confidence, it allows and how do I enable
You will share exercises and inspiring stories
The role of beliefs and fears ... Why hands-on after the realization of our dreams or certain actions?
How dare take action?
How to manage and relieve stress
How to regain control over his life
You'll discover what triggers the motivation
And you will leave with a clear action to move forward.

You will leave with:
1. Techniques from artists and athletes with high levels
2. A new mindset
3. A plan of action

Who is he?

David Laroche is a director, consultant and speaker on the topics of self-confidence and achieving goal. It is known for its many challenges and help thousands of people achieve what they thought themselves impossible.
He interviewed the greatest entrepreneurs, speakers and Olympians in France and worldwide.
He travels around the world to help people unleash their potential by sharing his story of a child ill at ease, who was shy and ill and now inspired by his lectures, seminars and videos.
His motto: "Believe in yourself, it is possible for you and it starts now."

A method
He developed a method of support in 7 steps including 4 steps you will discover during the evening.
It has a structured method based on three pillars:
-1 His training coach and trainer ( NLP, hypnosis, the Enneagram, transactional analyst.)
His -2 interviews French and American personalities recognized (Thierry Boiron, Lilou Mace, Lorenzo Pancino, Sharon Lechter ...
His experience -3 timid old

Practical information
- Duration: 2:00
- Take something to write! If possible a new notebook you dédierez the personal development process that will lead you ...

Come exactly 10min in advance for administrative management, the conference will begin on the hour.

From: June 12, 2014 20:00
To: June 12, 2014 22:00

Rue Royale 160, 160 Rue Royale, 1000, Brussels, Belgium


Self-Help, Education & Learning


confidence, self-confidence, techniques


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