Business Shorts Networking | Hobart | Mick Hawes | February

Business networking events in Hobart TAS (Australia). Topic: Six Steps to Turn Your Staff Into a High Performance Team

13 Feb 2014 at Servcorp, Hobart, Hobart, Australia

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Business Networking Hobart - Servcorp Business Shorts.

Topic: Six Steps to Turn Your Staff Into a High Performance Team
When: Thursday 13th February 2014
Where: Level 6, Reserve Bank Building, 111 Macquarie St, Hobart
Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
Price: Free | inc 2 drinks & canapés
Speaker: Mick Hawes, Uncover Hidden Profits

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If you're up for an evening of learning, networking, drinks and canapés then you'll love this Business Shorts event in Hobart, TAS, Australia. Bring your cards and meet other business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in a relaxed environment. This is a stand up style event with time for networking before and after the guest speaker and a chance to win a share of fantastic door prizes! Come along and expand your network.

TOPIC: Six Steps to Turn Your Staff Into a High Performance Team

Do your staff lack commitment? Are they missing deadlines and not taking ownership of tasks? Do you have personality conflicts that create tension for you and others?

There are enough problems dealing with customers, suppliers and not to mention the time and headaches keeping up with all of the government red tape and changing rules, without having to deal with unnecessary staff issues, poor performance and wasted time. All of this adds up to less money coming in, and creates unnecessary costs that eat directly into profit that you should have in your pocket.

At this event you will learn six simple things you can do to eliminate many of the common problems of managing people in the business environment. Just imagine for one moment that the attitude of your people caused them to care about and contribute to the running, improvement and growth of your business as if they owned it themselves.

Realistically, you won't achieve “perfection” from your staff, but you can get really close, and best of all - it's not that difficult.

This interactive presentation will also provide plenty of practical take away value. Have your questions ready, bring a guest along with your business cards and enjoy lots of networking over drinks and canapés.

• Social Media Setup Package valued at $299 thanks to Netregistry
• Book - The Small Business Owners Guide 'How to Get Everything You Want' Secrets Revealed from Uncover Hidden Profits

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From: February 13, 2014 17:30
To: February 13, 2014 19:00

Servcorp, Hobart, Level 6 Reserve Bank Building, 7000, Hobart, Australia


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