Cable-Tec Expo 2014

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Cable-Tec Expo 2014 22-25 Sep 2014 The Colorado Convention Center, Denver, United States
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Cable-Tec Expo will feature two discussions providing an overview of DevOps, as well as an understanding of how DevOps and Agile Development are supporting cable’s RDK initiative. Attend these sessions to hear from technology leaders on these important disciplines.

As technological progress in cable and telecommunications shifts more and more to software, so grow the reasons for adopting the work disciplines known as Agile Development and “DevOps”—a shortening of “Development” and “Operations.”

While new to cable, DevOps is a well-known model to online giants from to Spotify (not to mention Etsy, Facebook, Google, and Netflix). It’s largely why they’re recognized for extreme swiftness to market, and core stability—two ordinarily opposing traits.

In practice, a DevOps methodology recognizes that change and stability are both vital to success—especially when it comes to software-centric endeavors. It works by building intangible features—deployability, scalability, swiftness to market—into product and service design.

The session features DevOps headliners to explain why DevOps matters, how it works, and how to build a DevOps program that overcomes “silo” mentalities and internal resistance.

Putting DevOps into Practice: The RDK Model

This DevOps workshop will provide an in-depth discussion about the intersections between cable, Agile Development, and DevOps. Using RDK as the driver for infusing DevOps and Agile Development into cable, panelists in this session, who are involved technologists from Comcast, Liberty Global, and Time Warner Cable—all at work on Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) based on the Reference Design Kit (RDK)—will explain the “before and after” realities of working in an agile environment.

Here are examples of what will be explored in this session: How software releases went from a few (big) drops per year to much more frequent but also much smaller drops every few weeks; how deciding and selecting a navigation environment went from “betting the farm” to “green light go”; how to “go agile” with existing resources; and how transparency into the RDK stack vastly shores up troubleshooting and problem resolution. Also discussed will be the safe zone that is the “roll back,” and the meaning of “service velocity”—from actual field experiences.


Join industry colleagues to construct the next phase of the “Energy 2020” plan. Topics to be discussed include: energy efficiency; energy integration into operations; drive density and performance; and performance and reliability tiering.

Imagine what energy will look like for cable in the year 2020, and that is just what SCTE’s "Energy 2020" program is all about. Come hear how this collaborative venture brings together the collective vision and technology expertise of cable operators, the vendor community, and some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry to achieve maximum customer uptime and enablement of cable network capacity growth via successful organization, customer, and environmental energy solutions. The program is intended to create alignment on standards and best practices, to drive design and implementation of equipment, and to create SCTE training resources that will enable workforce teams to optimize technology for maximum efficiency.

Join SCTE and key industry stakeholders and champions to learn more about the specific initiatives in the areas of facilities, plant, operations, and technology that will change the energy landscape. These initiatives will be supporting the industry goals of availability and efficiency of energy as it relates to how power will look in the year 2020.

From: September 22, 2014 08:00
To: September 25, 2014 20:00

The Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, 80202, Denver, United States


Telecommunications, Education & Learning


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