Change Management that Sticks for Engineers

If 70% of all change projects fail why bother? Successful change means a successful teams and successful organizations.

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Change Management that Sticks for Engineers 4-5 Nov 2014 EXECUTIVE AIRPORT PLAZA HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTRE RICHMOND, Richmond, Canada
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You will learn how to recognize that change is needed.
You will learn to lead a multifaceted approach to change - encompassing all the aspects of the change- intellectual, cultural and personal.

You will learn how to:

develop a vision for the change that takes into account the different perspectives held in the team.
clearly articulate the need for change in such a manner that you empower those affected to support the change.
create the readiness for change in all those affected.
educate and inform so that you garner buyin to the need for and abilty to change.
design the change project in small steps that facilates all involved having a clear understanding of the progress towards the desired change
design interventions early in the change process so that the project stays on course.
lead a well informed team who can bring about the positive change.

Who Should Attend?
Engineers, scientists, and consultants dealing with complex situations need to be able to adapt quickly when reality is not as desired and ensure the successful completion of the project and or the high functioning of their team. This requires successful change management.

Course Outcomes:
Articulate how change happens with in your organization.
Articulate what needs to change when there is a gap between the ideal and reality.
Create a vision for positive and strategic change that engages those impacted.
Create a highly functioning team for the change.
Design education needed to bring those involved to the point of readiness for change.
Develop change interventions that address the needs for intellectual, personal and cultural factors alignment to the desired outcome.
Manifest the energy needed to lead the change.
Assess and manage resistance to the change.
Lead and continually evaluate the change progress.

Artists / Speakers: Dr. Sydney Scott, D.Ed, MBA, BSc, CPCC.

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In-Class: CAD 1,345.