Chicago Trading and Investing Summit 2014

Markets Media is pleased to present its 7th annual Chicago Trading and Investing Summit, convening top players from the city's vibrant proprietary-trading.

Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting

Chicago Trading and Investing Summit 2014 23 Sep 2014 City Winery, Chicago, United States
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Chicago Trading and Investing Summit 2014
There's plenty to discuss and debate: U.S. equity market structure is under review, the over-the-counter space is being 'futurized', and exchanges stand to reap some of the benefits. It's all evolving amid a backdrop of prolonged low trading volume and market volatility, along with an overhang of interest-rate risk.

But markets have proven resilient over the long term, and they'll get past these short-term troubles too.

Topics Include:
Trade Canada
Social Media Analytics
Digital Currency
Equity Market Structure
Update on Algorithms
Short-Term Views Catch a Long Look
Fixed Income
Trading Platforms

and more.

Price: USD 595