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From Competitive & Market Intelligence to CI & MI 3.0
Predict Future Trends | Create Innovation | Cope With Competitors From BRIC | Forecast Competitor’s Next Moves | Discover Collaboration

Globalization means that companies and markets are more than ever confronted with a quick change of products and competitors. Product Innovation is vital for survival.
Therefore Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Market Intelligence (MI) have rapidly become a fundamental activity in any business. It is a given fact that with growing competition in the BRIC-markets, CI is the most crucial tool for surviving and thriving in a competitive environment. These challenges and risks are expected to increase significantly in the future. This is why monitoring competitors and developing innovation will be of utmost importance for organizations desiring to sustain their competitive advantages.

At the CiMi.CON Evolution 2014 you will get the chance to hear actual case studies and to discuss with 100+ board-level attendees about predicting future trends, creating innovation, coping with competitors from BRIC, forecasting your competitor’s next moves and discovering collaboration.

Share your knowledge and experience about the upcoming challenges and solutions regarding CI & MI and discuss the latest technology with your peers and consultants from all around the world!

What Can You Expect @ we.CONECT?

COMMUNITY: The only conference across Europe that will discuss competitive and market intelligence with a focus on strategies and methods to generate valuable insights and to fuel innovation. Get insights from leading international companies and cutting edge speakers.

DELEGATES: 100+ senior level executives, board-level attendees and leading professionals from all major industries discuss about challenges and solutions related to competitive & market intelligence, new tools, improvements & processes and strategies to forecast fast changing competition.

SPEAKERS & MODERATORS: 30+ Pioneers & Leaders will share their experiences and present their latest and innovative developments towards competitive & market intelligence.

NETWORKING: Multiple opportunities for networking enabling you to meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting.

SESSIONS: 30+ innovative & interactive sessions ensure that all key topics are covered / 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from all major industries.

FORMAT: More than 15 Case Studies and more than 12 interactive sessions like the unique we.CONECT World Café Session, Icebreaker, Challenge Your Peers Round Tables and Training Sessions with cutting edge topics such as how CI lead to innovation and how social media and big data can be used to gather important knowledge about your competitors.

If you are looking for new inspiration, innovative approaches and best practices on how to manage & optimize your Ci & Mi units you should not miss this event!

We look forward to welcoming you!
Your we.CONECT team


CI & MI 3.0 – Oscillating Between Science & Science Fiction to Predict Future Trends

How to set up and lead an effective and successful
CI-Unit in a global company
Measuring competitors and measuring yourself with CI and MI to gain valuable insights for strategic decisions
Linking external and internal knowledge to build an effective CI unit in a changing industry
Strategy vs. tactics, corporate angle vs. business units: Implementing of a corporate CI frame in a global company
Justifying CI & MI processes – How does CI & MI lead to a ROI

Innovation & Business Disruption: Revolutionizing Product Development by Scanning and Forecasting your Competitor’s Next Move

Technology-scouting: Identify new competitors and integrate them into your own company
Innovation intelligence: How new competitors lead to product innovation and a cultural turn in the company
Using MI and CI results to identify trends, target customers and innovate new products
Integration of disruptive technology by using CI & MI: Identifying new technologies before it is too late

Methods and Tools to Organize an Efficient CI-Process to Power Innovation

Combining different methods to develop innovation and to cope with disruptive technologies
Competitive and business intelligence tools for M&A projects
How to use war games to gain insights about competitors
New tools to observe your competitors and how to turn it into facts you really need to know

Coping with Competitors from BRIC & Emerging Markets

Inspire innovation by facing new competitors from BRIC states
Competitive intelligence in Russia: Always be ahead of your Russian competitors
Creating a company‘s future with CI & MI: Mastering the CI challenge in competing against newly emerging global competitors and markets in India and China
The challenge to evaluate Chinese competitors
Technology-scouting in Brazil

From: June 16, 2014 08:00
To: June 17, 2014 17:20

Maritim Proarte Hotel Berlin, 151 Friedrichstraße, 10117, Berlin, Germany


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