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Meet the startups of the first European Smart Energy Program of Amsterdam's Rockstart Accelerator. Find out more about the international program and the startups and get to know them though a quick Q&A game.

The Smart Energy Accelerator helps startups create, develop and market their innovative products better, faster and more successfully, helping them navigate the challenging and difficult early stages of starting up.


5 minutes intro Rockstart

3 minute talks, 1 minute Q&As

Break for drinks

More 3 minute talks, 1 minute Q&As

To the pub!


Simply put, we believe that the most important asset of a company is its employees as they are the ones that keep it up and running. If they are unhappy, unhealthy or uncommitted, the company loses competitive advantage. That’s why we created GiveO2, a web & mobile platform that helps HR/CSR managers improve their company’s work environment while reducing absenteeism’s cost, through sustainability, fitness & fun.


We open up our platform for site owners/ initiatives & project developers to successfully raise money from a community to build and manage commercial scale solar power plants.

Dreamups brings the GitHub collaboration power to hardware engineers and designers, worldwide. They have developed a unique technology for hardware documentation and rapid crowd prototyping that changes how we can work and invent new exciting tech.