CodinGame "Don't Panic!" - Programming contest

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25 Oct 2014 at Online

Internet, Computer Science

CodinGame "Don't Panic!" - Programming contest 25 Oct 2014 Online
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CodinGame Contests are online programming competitions, where software developers / programmers from all over the world can compete for fun, or to get in contact with companies they like and that are recruiting. CodinGame consist in developing computer programs to solve complex problems in a limited time.

From a recruiting perspective, the aim of the CodinGame Contests is to give participants (the "Participants") the opportunity to showcase their programming skills regardless of their level of education or their professional background, to apply to companies wishing to recruit a trainee, an employee on temporary or permanent contract, a self-employed worker or other (the "Employers"), to be put in contact with the latter at the end of the Contest and possibly be hired for the job or one of the jobs selected, taking into consideration the performance they have achieved at the CodinGame Contest.

At the same time, CodinGame Contests are an opportunity for participating Employers to be put into contact with a community of programmers / software developers in search of jobs and to recruit applying candidates (the "Candidates") who meet their expectations.

From: October 25, 2014 00:00
To: October 25, 2014 23:59



Internet, Computer Science


c, c++, java, javascript



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