Cognitive Computing Forum 2014

Understanding the new world of Cognitive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reasoning and next generation AI

Computer Science, Technology

Cognitive Computing Forum 2014 20-21 Aug 2014 The Sainte Claire, San Jose, United States
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In recent years, numerous technological advancements have combined to give machines a greater ability to understand information, and to learn, to reason, and act upon it. These advancements have reached such sophistication that in some cases machines may even appear to think. As a result, the broad term used to describe this emerging capability is Cognitive Computing.

Cognitive Computing systems may include the following ostensible characteristics:

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Algorithms that learn and adapt

Vision-based sensing and image recognition

Spatial and contextual awareness

Reasoning and decision automation

Sophisticated pattern recognition

Neural Networks

Semantic Understanding

Noise Filtering

Common Sense

Robotic Control

Emotional Intelligence