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What is mixxt?

mixxt linked questions with answers, knowledge and experience with people and projects, and provides a bridge between the modern online culture and established offline...

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What is mixxt?

mixxt linked questions with answers, knowledge and experience with people and projects, and provides a bridge between the modern online culture and established offline processes.

Social network for companies

mixxt is your own social network. mixxt helps you to free communication and to bring from external applications back into your business. mixxt is used in the browser and is available for any employee or external users reached immediately. This is your social enterprise network for Social Intranet and Extranet Social equally.

Digital grapevine

With mixxt the entire range of business communication is summarized as follows: e-mails, notes, protocols. Finally, everything is concentrated in one location. What kind of information for individuals is interesting, can be prior to the publication usually not reliably detect. Therefore, information is published in the push method on the platform and "pull" the information colleagues (pull principle) if necessary. Through this access collected at one point go no more important information lost.

Social intranet as a platform for Enterprise 2.0

mixxt is the central point in the company where all employees can find what they need. It's like your intranet, only finally with genuine added value. Anyone can create content and discuss it. The communication takes place as in social networks via Activity Streams: Intuitive, fast and direct. mixxt networked colleagues in all departments and also on request External, with the involvement of customers, partners and prospects.

Digital memory

mixxt is preserved your digital corporate memory, the key information from oblivion. mixxt is geared to the memory processes of the human mind. Most of the information is lost on the way from work to the long-term memory. This bottleneck does not exist for mixxt. The mixxt Activity Streams are the fast-paced working memory and by the search, tagging, and communication history for long-term memory of your company. The data are only as long forgotten until someone wants to remember this. We want our human memory could do that.

Platform for Intranets, Collaboration & Knowledge Management

mixxt is functioning knowledge management in your company. The open form of communication mixxt promotes the sharing of experiences and expertise and bring your workflow going. Worked out togeth solutions remain open and form the knowledge base for colleagues. There are no necessary error-prone transfer in its own knowledge base and no complicated forms.

Center of creativity, ideas and decisions

mixxt is your innovation platform. Ideas and suggestions are collected, perceived and evaluated. Decisions can be made directly and made transparent. Creativity needs freedom and transparency. With mixxt promote creative ideas and improve business and innovation processes. You can even share with your customers, partners and interests develop new products, develop improvements or make tangible feedback.

Meta Search Engine for knowledge, experience and expertise in your business

mixxt find quickly the information that I need right now. Without colleagues have to ask, or to write countless emails. Whether knowledge, experience or expertise. mixxt find the contact who can help right now.

Social Extranet

mixxt can be used as well for public and semi-public communities. This makes mixxt so unique. For internal and external communication is bundled into a platform. You get feedback from your customers and partners. Your customers get support. And all quite natural and straightforward.

This is all mixxt.

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Business, Management


Digital Grapevine, Digital Memory, Social Extranet



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