Conference on " Role of Financial Industry in Accelerating Economic Growth

Conference by Centre for Financial Services (CCFS2014)

Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting, Economics

Conference on " Role of Financial Industry in Accelerating Economic Growth 26-27 Sep 2014 Gujarat Technological University, Gandhinagar, India
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GTU PG Research Centre for Financial Services, announces an international conference on “Role of Financial Industry in Accelerating Economic Growth” scheduled on 26th & 27th September 2014 at Gujarat Technological University, Chandkheda Campus, Ahmedabad.

The Governments around the world are introducing reforms through theirvarious Economic & Trade Policies, Amendments and Legislative Reforms, Regulatory Bodies, Tax Reforms, Banking Sector Reforms etc. for facilitating their economies to grow. Due to the highly volatile global environment,countries across the globe are also facing major challenges which require an immediate attention.

The conference aims to provide a platform for academicians, research scholars, practitioners and students of management to develop, contribute and present research papers. A scientific understanding of the theory and practice of development finance is central to understanding of how Financial Industry emerges and evolves across emerging and developed economies. It also aims to churn new research in the area of finance to foster the future direction of the economic growth.

Currently a major issue faced by policy makers and corporate leaders is to maintain economic growth. To sustain, in such a critical environment, it is required by the countries to make some essential developments in their financial industry and framing better economic policies.

This conference will facilitate the researchers to get a stage for showcasingtheir research work about the role of financial industry to accelerate economic development and growth of a country.

Themes and Sub-Themes

Theme 1: Economic Development through Financial Services and Markets

1.1 Equity and Debt Markets

1.2 Derivative Markets like Commodity and Currency Markets

1.3 Money Markets Instruments

1.4 Role of Mutual Fund and Insurance Industry

1.5 Role of Commercial Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies

1.6 Micro Finance & Financial Inclusion

1.7 Behavioural Finances - Financial Planning and its Importance

1.8 Private Equity

1.9 Financial Risk Management and Technical Analysis

1.10 Economic Risk Management and Fundamental Analysis

1.11 Hedging and Arbitrage Strategies

Theme 2: Effect of Public Policies and Legislative Provisions on Economic Growth

2.1 Fiscal and Monitory Policies

2.2 Public Finance and Macroeconomic Environment

2.3 Tax Regulations and its Significance

2.4 Export Import Policies

2.5 Role and Importance of RBI, SEBI, IRDA, FMC, Planning Commission and any other Regulatory Bodies

2.6 Government Spending on Social Welfare

2.7 Basel III Norms

Theme 3: International Finance and Economic Developments

3.1 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

3.2 Financial Practices and Economic Strategies by Developed Countries

3.3 Currency and Exchange Rate Mechanisms and its Impact

3.4 Comparative Study of various Economies

3.5 Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) and its role

3.6 International Financial Treaty and its impact

Theme 4: Corporate Project Finance and Economic Growth

4.1 Corporate Finance and Venture Capital

4.2 Project Finance

4.3 Project Evaluation Techniques

4.4 Sector Specific Projects

4.5 Leverage

Theme 5: Contemporary Issues in Finance and Economics

5.1 New Banking Licences

5.2 Insurance Policies and Bank Accounts Portability

5.3 New Pensions System (NPS)

5.4 Usage and development of Technology in Financial Industry

5.5 Any other recent development relevant to Finance and/or Economics

From: September 26, 2014 09:00
To: September 27, 2014 16:30

Gujarat Technological University, 382028-, Gandhinagar, India


Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting, Economics


Equity and Debt Markets, Finance and/or Economics

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