conférence TEDxBonanjo

29 August 2015, Douala, Cameroun

tedxbonanjo is an event about sharing ideas with order and inspired people

Adidja Amani, MD MPH


Transformative Human Development Pundit; Fervent traveler- Live your dream . Wear your passion!

Yann kengne



TEDxBonanjo 635

commuty manager

The TEDxBonanjo conference attendees will be a collection of individuals from a number of varying industries ranging from financial services, arts, fashion, politics, sports, education and entertainment. More importantly, these individuals are forward-thinking, passionate about TED and willing to spread the ideas with their network that are being shared.
This conference is an intimate (100 attendees) by invitation only event. However a limited number of tickets will be available to the public in early August, 2015.
Our theme is a tribute to outstanding individuals in our community who through their experience, abilities or their daily work, transmit in their own way some values or simply an idea that can lead to positive changes in our country

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