Contract Preparation and Negotiation for Non-Lawyers

A Complete Guide to Contract Preparation Best Practice.

28-29 Jul 2014 at Christie Offices and Christie Conference Centre Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia

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Contract Preparation and Negotiation for Non-Lawyers 28-29 Jul 2014 Christie Offices and Christie Conference Centre Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia
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Key Learning Outcomes: Consider important elements of a contract such as operational factors, risks and the cost/performance balance. Develop a process to capture lessons learnt from previous contracts to apply now. Interpret a contract that you may not have designed to determine what applies to your contracts and your negotiating position. Ensure the contract design accurately reflects what is being procured and supports ongoing issues during the term. Foresee the active management of the principal-contractor relationships when varying aspects like price, deliverables and extensions. Understand the use / amendment of standard form contracts and contract schedules. Modify and create clauses that are clear, plain English and should not be misinterpreted. Understand ways to build and manage your bargaining power about the Course. The negotiation and preparation and holding one accountable to a contract are the means by which businesses achieve their objectives. Two key ingredients to successful contract management are the negotiation of terms and conditions match business outcomes and ensuring a robust, well devised contract design process. This course provides an opportunity to learn how.The course will assist contract managers to refer to and understand a contract that they may not have designed or negotiated, to determine the specific conditions that are applicable and their negotiating position.The course will also illustrate how to make contracts relevant to the active management of the relationship between the principal-contractor. This is applicable when needing to vary things such as price and deliverables, or proposing change when exercising options of extension.Learn how to combat tactics and tricks that are designed to unnerve you when negotiating terms, conditions, extensions and performance outcomes.

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From: July 28, 2014 09:00
To: July 29, 2014 17:00

Christie Offices and Christie Conference Centre Brisbane, 320 Adelaide St, 4000, Brisbane, Australia


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