CopenhagenJS - April 2014

10 April 2014, Sweden

Björn Söderqvist

Björn Söderqvist


Frontend developer, @copenhagenjs organiser, vegetarian.

Martin Vicen avatar

Martin Vicen

CopenhagenJS is a monthly meetup for webdesigners & front-end developers in and around Copenhagen.

CopenhagenJS is a JavaScript user group in Copenhagen and the Öresund region. On the third thursday of every month we meet and share our knowledge, enthusiasm and war stories with each other.

A wide range of backgrounds are represented in the group, from occasional users to JavaScript and front end experts. Everyone with an interest in JavaScript is welcome.

In a typical meeting, we start at 19:00. There's a quick introduction, everyone grabs a drink of some sort. After that we usually have 3-4 talks of 15-30 minutes.

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