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Investor Masterclass

November 16th 2015 14:45 - 16:30
CBS - Room 1

You are an experienced business person and investor. You have witnessed incredible victories and beautiful defeat. You've met countless entrepreneurs and assessed their ideas and plans. You have followed companies from cradle to exit – both the most successful ones and the majority of failures.

You have learned from adversity and eventually formed your own personal philosophy and style as an active investor in risky innovative business projects. You know what works and when to take heed. You think of great entrepreneurs like Churchill thought of elephants: “They are somewhat difficult to define, but pretty easy to recognize.” In short you are a business angel by profession.

This peer-to-peer master class aims to challenge and inspire experienced, but also new business angels. It will zoom in on our profession's unique characteristics. It will discuss our process and methodology. It will put into perspective the importance of what we do. We, who are the only ones on the capital market investing our own and not someone else's money. We do this even in ideas and projects in the earliest and most precarious stages where the risk of loss is maximal. That is exactly what drives us !

I welcome you to my business angel Master Class.

Søren Hougaard avatar
Søren Hougaard

Business Angel and Honoured Professor at CBS


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