St. Gallen Business Model Innovation - Cross Industry Workshop

11-12 May 2015, Sankt Gallen, Schweiz

St. Gallen Business Model Navigator approach: Develop first business model innovation ideas for the firm and learn how to implement new business models

Rasoul Jalali


General Manager UBER

Oliver Gassmann


Felix Hofmann


Karolin Frankenberger


The Business Model Innovation Workshop gives managing directors, innovation managers, business developers, product/project managers, engineers, and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the chance to exchange ideas, take part in discussions and find common solutions to the challenges related to business model development.

With this workshop, you will learn from leading experts in research and practice and get the knowledge and the tools to develop and implement new business models. You will understand the challenges and common pitfalls, meet and exchange ideas with people from different industries , and practice a systematic approach to business model innovation.

Each participant will receive the bestseller “The Business Model Navigator” and workshop documents including the BMI pattern card set. Please note, the number of participants is limited to 25 and only one company per industry is allowed.

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