CrowdSource Summit

A conference for emerging web professionals by HighEdWeb

Internet, Technology

CrowdSource Summit 17-18 Oct 2014 Red Lion Hotel, Anaheim, United States
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CrowdSource Summit, presented by the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, is a new conference for college and university students who want to explore the many possibilities that “working on the Web” encompasses. We’ll focus on the multidisciplinary nature of Web work, moving beyond the tools and the technology to look at the human side of creating online experiences. We’ll look at the WHY.

You’re on a mission — to get the skills necessary to launch your career. No matter your major, there’s a very good chance you will work “on the Web” at some point. Programmers and graphic designers aren’t the only ones building stuff anymore. Writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, teachers, visual artists, designers, technologists, and even scientists create content and applications for the Web every day.

CrowdSource Summit goes beyond the tools and technology, beyond the “how.” We focus on why we create for the Web. You’ll be exposed to not only standards and best practices but also the human side of content and interface development. We’ll enlighten you with insights on accessibility, usability, user experience, mobile interfaces, content strategy, and how the Web is being used to conquer the digital divide.

And all this? This makes you more marketable — a savvy job candidate with a leg up on the competition. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll provide you with an opportunity to get up close and personal with some employers who will share what they’re looking for in a winning candidate. And that’s a very good thing.

Our Conference Goals:

Provide a holistic view of how multidisciplinary Web work really is.

Provide a holistic view of how the Web impacts humans.

Provide a tool to help distinguish “graduates” in the marketplace.

Increase awareness of HighEdWeb, its mission, and initiatives.

From: October 17, 2014 08:00
To: October 18, 2014 13:30

Red Lion Hotel, 1850 S Harbor Blvd, 92802, Anaheim, United States


Internet, Technology


Designers, Development, HighEdWeb, Web Professionals




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