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China Data and Privacy Protection Summit 2019, organized by Shanghai ECV International, is going to be held on Oct. 14th - 15th, 2019, in Shanghai, China.

With the development of digital technologies, mass data is generated every day, it also comes along with data security and privacy problems. Many countries have published regulations or laws regarding to data security and privacy, such as GDPR, China Cybersecurity Law, Measures for Data Security Management (Draft for Comments), Personal Information Security Specification, Australian Privacy Principles. The intensive regulations have brought many challenges to business operations, such as cross border data transmission, user data collection and storage and etc. The challenges are not only about the laws but also the technologies, because the malicious attacking is updating as well. Therefore, how to comply with the rigorous law in a proper way and use advanced technologies to achieve data and privacy security are very important to enterprises.

China Data and Privacy Protection Summit 2019 will gather about 120 cybersecurity and IT experts, corporate counsel to discuss the data and privacy compliance, advanced technologies and some practical experience in different industries. This summit will be an ideal platform for the industry experts to have an in-depth communication, and solve some problems. Moreover, you may find some business opportunities or potential business partners at this summit.

Conference Format:
Ÿ Keynote Speech + Panel Discussion

Hot Topics:
ž Evaluation of Data Protection’s Importance and Necessity in the Data Explosion Era
ž Interpretation of Information Security Technology — Personal Information Security Specification
ž The Importance of Securing Sensitive Data in the 5G Era
ž Database Security Auditing Enhances Data Security
ž Data Protection and Security Risks in Industrial 4.0
ž Safeguard Connected Vehicles’Data and Privacy, Boost Connected Vehicles Development
ž Challenges of Data Security Governance and Privacy Protection on the Cloud
ž How to Enable Data Sharing with Privacy Protection

Ÿ President/VP/CEO
Ÿ Chief Risk Officer
Ÿ Chief Data Protection Officer
Ÿ Chief Privacy Officer
Ÿ Chief Information Security Officer
Ÿ General Counsel
Ÿ Corporate Legal Affairs Director
Ÿ IT Director
Ÿ Chief Engineer
Ÿ Director of Compliance
Ÿ Head of Cybersecurity Governance
Ÿ Technology Director
Ÿ Senior Expert
Ÿ Consultant

Ÿ Consultant Agency
Ÿ Law Firm
Ÿ Government Officials
Ÿ Financial Industry
Ÿ Banking
Ÿ Retailing
Ÿ Pharmaceuticals
Ÿ Internet Companies
Ÿ Solution Vendors
Ÿ Universities
Ÿ Manufacturing Companies
Ÿ Critical Information Infrastructure Operators/Providers
Ÿ Industrial Companies

Inviting Speakers
Ÿ Research Alliance for Data Governance and Cyber Security
Ÿ Huawei
Ÿ Siemens
Ÿ Tencent
Ÿ 360
Ÿ Cisco
Ÿ Baidu
Ÿ IBM Security
Ÿ Johnson&Johnson
Ÿ JD Group
Ÿ PingAn Technology

Contact Us
Ÿ Name:Franchy Zou
Ÿ Tel:+86 21 8026 0707 Ext. 808
Ÿ Weblink:

ECV International

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