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The 2nd Global Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit 2020, organized by Shanghai ECV International, is going to be held on Feb. 27th - 28th, 2020, in Shanghai, China.

With the constant development of cloud computing, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies, digital transformation has become the primary goal of corporate development. According to a prediction, global enterprises' total spending on digital transformation will hit 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021, with a compound growth rate of 17.9 percent. Digital technologies have kept penetrating into all industries and created a new opportunity for global industrial development. As the mainstay of the national economy, manufacturing is the foundation of country building and development, accomplishing the transformation of manufacturing through digital technologies has become a top priority in development strategies of many countries.

Based on successful global cases of digital transformation, The 2nd Global Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit 2020 will look into hot topics such as IT-OT integration, operation efficiency improvement, business model innovation, supply chain optimization, digital twin and digital talent need. It aims to provide a digital transformation reference and exchange platform for enterprises, promote the organic integration of the digital economy with the real economy, and accomplish the transformation and upgrade of global manufacturing.

Conference Format:
Ÿ Keynote Speech + Panel Discussion

Hot Topics:
Ÿ US-China Trade War’s Impact on Domestic Manufacturing and How to Realize Industry Upgrade and Transformation
Ÿ How Manufacturing Thrive in the Digital Age
Ÿ How to Build a Digital, Smart, Connected, Flexible and Customized Factory
Ÿ In the Industry 4.0 Era, How Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Production Chain of Manufacturing

Ÿ President/Vice
Ÿ President/CEO/COO
Ÿ Board Director/General Manager
Ÿ Director/Business Manager
Ÿ Sales Director/International Sales
Ÿ Manager
Ÿ Business Development
Ÿ Director/Manager
Ÿ Strategic Development
Ÿ Director/Manager
Ÿ International Market
Ÿ Director/Manager
Ÿ Regional Director/Manager
Ÿ R&D Director/Manager
Ÿ Technical Director/Manager
Ÿ Sustainable Development
Ÿ Director/Manager
Ÿ Quality Director/Manager

Ÿ Consulting
Ÿ Telecommunication
Ÿ Construction and machinery
Ÿ Industry automation
Ÿ Home appliance
Ÿ Pharmacy
Ÿ Mining
Ÿ Chemistry
Ÿ Electronic
Ÿ Privacy security
Ÿ Supply chain and logistics
Ÿ Big data
Ÿ Clouding computing
Ÿ AI and IoT

Inviting Speakers
Ÿ Mckinsey
Ÿ Haier
Ÿ Siemens
Ÿ Huawei
Ÿ Caterpillar
Ÿ Procter & Gamble
Ÿ Rolls-Royce
Ÿ Microsoft
Ÿ Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group
Ÿ Bayer
Ÿ Mercer

Contact Us
Ÿ Name:Franchy Zou
Ÿ Tel:+86 21 8026 0707 Ext. 808
Ÿ Weblink:

ECV International
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In addition to its own summit, ECV also carries out business activities to provide customers with comprehensive marketing services ranging from event planning, conference planning, creativity to execution, 3D animation, film and television production, and cultural performances. Event planning and event execution involve creative projects, site planning, material planning, process planning and other services. Guest invitations and media campaigns involved media invitations, guest invitations, press release development, advertising and other services.

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