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[Data Science as Value Amplifier for CXOs] Data Science for Business Value Creation

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The future belongs to the companies and people that turn data into meaningful insights,
prediction and products. No matter your industry, or the type of organization you work for,
your world is driven by data. To deal with this data driven world, leaders must be equipped to
use data as a strategic resource. By attending this course you will be able to contribute in the
design of data strategy, ignite initiatives leveraging data as a strategic asset and also equip
yourself to lead an analytics team to success.

This course will help you address questions like do I really need data science in my
organization – how will it help the business? What are the benefits of having a data science
capability, and the risks of not having one? What can business expect as outcomes, and plus
we will explore several use cases to show real value and impact of Data Science.

Who Should Take This Course?

C-suite executives, senior technologists, architects and business people working with data
scientists, managing data science oriented projects, or investing in data science ventures.


Desire to learn, cursory, enthusiasm and willingness to make the difference

Learning Outcomes

An Introduction to Data Science

What Do We Mean By Data Science

What Makes Data Science Different?

Data Science as Strategy and a Management Discipline

Reasoning, Decision Making and Relevance to Data Science

What Does It Take To Create A Data Science Capability?

Component Parts of Data Science and Engineering a Data Science Solution

Data Science Life Cycle – A Strategy to Approach Any Data Analytics Problems

Overview of Data Engineering and Big Data Technologies

Guest Speakers to Discuss Data Science Use Cases, Case Studies and Data Driven