DataWeek 2015 Conference + Festival

28-30 Sep 2015, Santa Clara, United States

DataWeek 2015 is the largest data + API event in San Francisco for the third year running!


Amabel 714

DataWeek 2015 is the largest data + API event in San Francisco for the third year running, where thousands of engineers and executives converge to discuss the role of data + API innovation on business, technology, and society. DataWeek 2015 represents standalone tracks and a dedicated tradeshow area of the DataWeek event!

The theme of DataWeek 2015 is Data Skills – and our mission is simple: expose a larger audience of entrepreneurs and executives to data skills like R and Data Science, Data Visualization, implementing NoSQL or Graph Databases, API Design, API Strategy, and Data-Driven marketing. Most of DataWeek will consist of educational bootcamps and workshops, helping bring you into the data age!

DataWeek Talks

Open Web as a Platform: Why URL’s are still king
Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and Microsoft are not the largest platforms: the Open Web is the largest platform – with URL’s, HTML, and XML as the integrations. Extending the Open Web Platform means the evolution and adaptation of open web standards as well as the willingness of both users and 3rd party apps to basically publish open web content. How are changes in open standards going to affect the open web as a platform? Aside from search engines, who is really “integrating with” the open web itself?

Integrating with Social Network & Social Media Platforms
An ecosystem of apps and integration partners have emerged around social networks and social media platforms – offering services beyond just the functionality of the platforms. What are the difficulties in being an integration partner – from licensing to API changes – to scaling across multiple platforms?

The Data Stack: How Big Data Platforms integrate solutions
Many big data technologies are now “big data platforms” enabling developers to extend their solutions. What is the primary reason for opening up a big data platform to 3rd party developers? What are the main use cases for customers to utilize these integrations? This panel aims to explore the emergence and future of these big data platforms.

Data-Driven Marketing Platforms at the center of the Advertising Ecosystem
Most marketing technologies are part of a marketing platform ecosystem because integrations allow advrtising / customer data to move between solutions. What are the types of marketing platforms and integrations? Is there a fundamental difference between sales platforms and marketing platforms? How will more marketing data – and more marketing data integrations – change how we think of marketing?

Internet of Things: The Environment-as-Platform
Can we think of a house, a car, or a store as a “platform” for developers to build apps and integrations on? This panel aims to discuss how new sensor, cloud, and smart technologies built into our environment – and their API’s – are enabling a new age of “Environment-as-Platform” with mobile, desktop, and wearable apps extending your environment.

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