Making Hyper-Casual Mobile Games in 2020

We will be discussing what makes successful hyper-casual games in 2020 and will be joined by a bunch of wonderful speakers as Abhimanyu Kumar, Deconstructor of Fun, Allison Bilas, JoyPac, Šarūnas Ledas, Tag of Joy and Lucian Rusen, Unity Technologies!

We're here to change global games publishing by building business through Asia first and creating long-lasting developer relationships worldwide.

A great game alone is no guarantee of success. We take a broader perspective, helping developers with everything from localization, UA, distribution and analytics. And we offer it across different geographies and languages.

Entering APAC markets as part of your global launch won't be successful without the necessary boots on the ground, speaking both practically and legally. We have 25+ people in Beijing, ready to help you!

Falko Boecker

Falko Boecker


Falko focuses on scouting and signing new games for global distribution and being a general point of contact for any questions developers have about working with JoyPac. Having represented both developers and publishers in the past, he has specialized in bringing the two together for over 10 years.

Allison Bilas

Allison Bilas


Allison oversees how JoyPac takes mobile games to millions of players in APAC. She has built and led high performing product and analytics teams at PopCap, Electronic Arts, GameAnalytics, and MovieStarPlanet.

Maxwell Forrest

Maxwell Forrest

Vice Admiral

Forrest oversaw the NX Program, Earth's attempt to develop a starship with warp drive faster than 120 times the speed of light. He ordered the Enterprise's mission to begin.


Our speakers

About JoyPac

JoyPac combines an open and communicative style of western publishers with the specialized operations & marketing know-how required to make it big in East and West markets. Registered in both Denmark, China Hong Kong, China mainland and Japan, JoyPac offers developer friendly contracts based on EU law, while fulfilling all legal requirements to publish on all platforms and in all territories globally.

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