Denmark Youth To Business 2015

20 March 2015, Frederiksberg, Danmark

Y2B Denmark aims to bring young people together with business leaders to interact, inspire and engage in the topic of Technology Reinventing Business.

Henrik Ørum Nissen

Henrik Ørum Nissen


Iværksætter, foredragsholder, politiker, livsnyder
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Søren Holmgren

Søren Holmgren


Tine Thygesen


CEO of Everplaces

Greta Galginaite avatar

Greta Galginaite

Marketing and Management Communication.
Flávia Moraes avatar

Flávia Moraes

Denmark Y2B Organizing Committee President
Denmark Y2B avatar

Denmark Y2B

Denmark Youth to Business Organizing Committee President
Laura Simonfalvi avatar

Laura Simonfalvi

Student Assistant

Abdulqadir Hussein

BSc in Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning: Aalborg University, CPH and Board member at Future Entrepreneurs of DK

Mirela Stanila

Vice President of Finance at AIESEC CBS

Line Stage

Student of Food Science and Technology
Martin Gonda avatar

Martin Gonda


Tine Thygesen

CEO of Everplaces
Zanescu Bogdan avatar

Zanescu Bogdan


Sokaina JABBAR

Ingénieur Réseaux & Télécoms, OCP Denmark Youth to Business Forum, OGX & Coms Analyist for AIESEC in Finland

Nadezda Rukavishnikova

Vice President Logistics at Denmark Youth to Business Forum 2015

Nicoletta Roselli

Local Project Manager Corporate Relations AIESEC Denmark
Vidmantė Dubickaitė avatar

Vidmantė Dubickaitė

Natalie Jensen avatar

Natalie Jensen

Abdeljalil Taha avatar

Abdeljalil Taha

Dragos Grozavu avatar

Dragos Grozavu

Emma Pedersen avatar

Emma Pedersen

Local Committe Vice President of Incoming Exchange

Sumea Mujnovic

Stud.Scient.Soc. with specialization in Leadership Development and Human Resoruce Management
Marysia Grabowska avatar

Marysia Grabowska


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Denmark Y2B avatar
Denmark Y2B
· 5 years ago
The event day is getting closer and we're all very excited about it! Remember to sign up for the event, and check out our awesome new website at!
Denmark Y2B avatar
Denmark Y2B
· 5 years ago
Remember to Register as we have limited spaces: - We look forward to greeting you 20th March 2015 at Copenhagen Business School
Denmark Y2B avatar
Denmark Y2B
· 5 years ago
Let's start the weekend with some good news: Tine Thygesen will officially be a speaker at this edition of Youth to Business! Don't miss out, and sign up today :)
Denmark Y2B avatar
Denmark Y2B
· 5 years ago
Have you heard? Great news, Y2B will once again take place at Copenhagen Business School this year! We hope to see you there :) #DenmarkY2B15
Denmark Y2B avatar
Denmark Y2B
· 5 years ago
Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We've got plenty of great posts that will inspire you throughout the week :) And stay tuned for juicy Y2B information, we'll be announcing speakers soon!! #DenmarkY2B15

Youth To Business Forum is an event organised by AIESEC that takes place in multiple locations around the world. Y2B brings young people together with experts, business and thought leaders for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim of generating new, but most importantly, actionable ideas to that will impact the society, develop leadership and build an entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people.

Y2B Denmark 2015 is the second Youth to Business forum in Denmark and is an annual event for young students to engage with the corporate market and the Danish society.
The event will bridge the gap between youth and the business sector through:
- Talks
- Panel Discussions
- Interactive workshops

For 2015, Denmark Youth To Business Forum will be held under the main theme of :

It will also revolve around three sub-themes:
- Denmark 2020
- Youth Entrepreneurship
- The War for Talent

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