Designing Games for Learning

25 Apr 2013 at Dentons, Palo ALto, USA

Entrepreneurship & Startups, Gaming, Video & Electronic

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People have praised play as learning for centuries but in the 21st Century games are getting a real foothold in the world of learning and even of education. Dr. Michael Carter, a veteran of both the education and game industries assembles a panel of the best new makers of games for learning in order to tease out from them what instincts and approaches have led them to develop successful learning projects.

The panel comprises Dr. Dylan Arena, creator of Leo's Pad to encourage smart storytelling on the iPad; Alice Brooks, whose Roominate doll houses help stimulate girls interest in design, science and engineering; Bhargav Sri Prakash who’s Fooya with Friends is attacking the obesity epidemic; Tony Wan, the Associate Editor at EdSurge and co-founder at Luckybirdgames whose Equatia helps kids master fundamentals; and, Dr. Anthony J.-W. Chen, director of the Program in Rehabilitation Neuroscience at UC and the VA, who creates iPad games like Pathfinders Apprentice and Startup to CEO to help victims of traumatic brain injury regain their focus.

Come and join us in what will be an exciting, fun and interactive session and learn what next-generation learning and education might look like!

From: April 25, 2013 00:00
To: April 25, 2013 23:59

Dentons, 1530 Page Mill Road, Suite 200, Palo ALto, USA


Entrepreneurship & Startups, Gaming, Video & Electronic

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