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DevOps - Moving from Project to Product approach

April 10th 2019 11:00 - 11:20
The world of IT has changed. Customer expectations have changed and competition is also
not with the same size organization, but most probably a startup. This requires every
organization to think and deliver differently to delight the customer. Technology is part and
parcel of this transformation. We need to change our way or working and work together
breaking the silos.
We have to move from Big Projects to Continuous Product Development and Delivery. In
this session I will talk about the following:
1. IT is a System of Systems
2. The DevOps Cadence
3. Project Vs Product Approach
4. Continuous Project Management
a. Project Organization – Spotify Squad, Tribe, Chapter, Guild Model
b. Domain Knowledge
c. Common Objective – Dev, Test, Ops, Security
d. Continuous Experimentation and Learning
e. Use of Agile and Lean Methodologies and Tools – Scrum, Kanban, VSM, etc.
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Niladri Choudhuri


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