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Measuring the Value of DevOps

April 22nd 2020 10:00 - 10:30
Those of us deep into DevOps know that the M in CALMS stands for measurement and we also probably experience how hard it is daily to actually decide what measures are useful and access them in a real-time, transparent way that allows us to continuously inspect them and adapt accordingly. Whilst the four key measures from the Accelerate State of DevOps Report are widely known (deployment frequency, cycle time, change fail rate and MTTR), teams are increasingly focused on the value outcomes they deliver.

How do you measure value today? Do you estimate it when you write a user story? How do you inspect the impact of new features and functionality that you release? What do you do when you receive feedback on the value delivered? Who asks for metrics in your organization and what do they do with them?

Key takeaways:
- Moving measurement from a command and control activity to one that allows empowered autonomous teams to make discoveries that lead to improvements
- How to incorporate value stream management into agile and DevOps activities
- Tools that automate measurement: telemetry and observability
- Measuring business value versus customer value
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Helen Beal
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