Brussels: Practical Info


We understand, of course, that some people will not be able to be present for all five days, but we know the program will work best if as many participants as possible stay with the process from beginning to end. We don't think it will work for people to join in after the start of the third day. We will encourage participants to eat together each evening and there will be some optional evening activities on offer.



We will liaise with community groups in Brussels to secure accommodation for any participants who cannot afford a hotel or would prefer to stay with people who are working to create positive change in the city. You will have the opportunity to let us know your needs and preferences and we will do our best to match you up with a great host.


We will be working with a local provider to offer vegetarian lunches and evening meals on each day of the event.


We are organising this event on a modest budget, exploring alternative forms of value exchange wherever possible while seeking to support those contributors whose livelihoods are precarious. As soon as we have more clarity about the overall cost of the event, we will share the information with all participants. We do not expect to have to charge for the event, but we will invite those who are able to do so to contribute to the cost of food.


We have chosen to hold the deep dive event in Brussels because it easily accessible by train from most parts of Europe. We strongly encourage participants not to fly to the event. We’re conscious that (given our dysfunctional economic system!) train, coach and car-share options can be more expensive than air travel and will invite applications for support with travel costs from any individuals who could not otherwise afford to get to Brussels. Again, we will do this in a transparent way and invite those who have less-expensive journeys to help out another participant if they can.

More questions?

Plans are developing fast and we may not have answers to all your questions immediately. But contact us at and we will do our best to help.

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