ECOLISE learning and action netweaving is open for in-person and online participants at our annual event, a.k.a. General Assembly, and for anybody that has interest to follow our activities here and engage in our work. Our working language is English. You can follow ECOLISE on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, subscribe to ECOLISE newsletter or check our website from time to time.

In addition to our newsletter and website posts, we share updates here, on Facebook and on Twitter about the European Day of Sustainable Communities - diverse events organised by local communities on and around 22 September 2018.

Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
Nara Petrovic avatar

Nara Petrovic

Writer, activist, fecologist & research assistant for Status Report
Davie Philip avatar

Davie Philip

Community Resilience Coordinator
Eamon O'Hara avatar

Eamon O'Hara

Executive Director
Iva Pocock avatar

Iva Pocock

Communications Coordinator
Katy Momo avatar

Katy Momo

Founder, Catalyst/Designer at CELL Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg asbl
Emilia Rekestad avatar

Emilia Rekestad

Ilonka Marselis avatar

Ilonka Marselis

Markus Molz avatar

Markus Molz

Robert Hall avatar

Robert Hall

Norry Schneider avatar

Norry Schneider

network coordination
Missing avatar

Anna Kovasna

Education Director
Riccardo Amici avatar

Riccardo Amici

Federica Marra avatar

Federica Marra

Alisa Dendro avatar

Alisa Dendro

Missing avatar

Jeff Ranara

Founder, Emeraldine-Sustainability Solutions, Miljöbyggsamordnare, LEED AP(All 5), BREEAM AP, GRP, Permaculture Designer
Sandra Campe avatar

Sandra Campe

Permaculture Designer
Camilla Nielsen-Englyst avatar

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Council member - GEN Europe
Francesca Whitlock avatar

Francesca Whitlock

Communications Manager
Carlos Ribeiro avatar

Carlos Ribeiro

Partner for Sustainable Development
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