7-11 April 2019, Križevci, Croatia

Annual event of the European Network for Community-led Initiatives
on Climate Change and Sustainability gathers participants in person and online.

7-11 April 2019
Centar Marijapoli, Franje Račkog 32, Križevci, 48260, Croatia

The 2019 ECOLISE General Assembly starts on Sunday, 7 April 2019 at 20:00 CEST. All attendees are invited to arrive by that time. It is scheduled to end with the Closing Circle on Thursday, 11 April 2019 between 11:30 and 13:00 CEST (followed by midday meal).

Before the General Assembly there is Sustainable Communities Programme workshop from Saturday, 6 April 2019 at 14:00 CEST until Sunday, 7 April 2019 at 18:00 CEST.


Invitation to all ECOLISE member organisations shared on 19 March 2019: nominate candidates for the roles of ECOLISE President, Vice-President, Council Members and Internal Auditor. Details in your email inbox, mesage subject line "ECOLISE General Assembly: nominations for roles".

Please note that the event is open for observes, both for in-person and online attendance.

Open Budget and Solidarity Funding

The event budget is open and transparent for all attendees and ECOLISE member organisations. During the Assembly, its organisers will present a financial report explaining the outcome of the solidarity funding. Member organisations are invited to contribute to the solidarity funding in the form of additional annual membership fees.


Representatives of ECOLISE member organisations are invited to register for the event by paying the annual membership fee for their organisation (one per organisation) and -- and individually, for each of their delegates -- one of three tickets options (one ticket per person). SUGGESTED is the normal rate, and the GIVEHELP or GETHELP tickets provide the option of paying a little more or less respectively. There are three tickets options for ONLINE participation too. Registration is personalized, so delegates register individually and the membership fee is to be paid by only one of the delegates. Tickets for in person participation include all costs for the ECOLISE 2019 General Assembly programme, accommodation and meals.

Registration is also open to non-members and guests, depending on the availability of accommodation. Registration will close on 22 March 2019.

For any questions please send an email to Nenad Maljković - nenad.maljkovic [at] gmail.com.

See below who is coming or attending remotely

Please note that you can contacty any of us via individual contact form (see Contact next to profile photo).
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7-11 April 2019
Centar Marijapoli, Franje Račkog 32, Križevci, 48260, Croatia
Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
Nara Petrovic avatar

Nara Petrovic

Writer, activist, fecologist & research assistant for Status Report
Davie Philip avatar

Davie Philip

Community Resilience Coordinator
Iva Pocock avatar

Iva Pocock

Communications Coordinator
Markus Molz avatar

Markus Molz

Alex Tudose avatar

Alex Tudose

Peter Hagerrot avatar

Peter Hagerrot

Environment journalist documentary filmmaker and licensed psychotherapist and Cert. Schematherapist (CBT)
Riccardo Amici avatar

Riccardo Amici

Alisa Dendro avatar

Alisa Dendro

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst avatar

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Council member - GEN Europe
Carlos Ribeiro avatar

Carlos Ribeiro

Partner for Sustainable Development
Tina Clarke avatar

Tina Clarke

Climate & Community Resilience Educator
Meera Ghani avatar

Meera Ghani

Policy Coordinator
Tom Henfrey avatar

Tom Henfrey

Research Coordinator
Juan del Río avatar

Juan del Río

Transition Spain and ECOLISE
Suzie Cahn avatar

Suzie Cahn

Director/Co Founder Carraig Dúlra permaculture hub social enterprise officer An Cosán.
Claudian Dobos avatar

Claudian Dobos

Veljko Linta avatar

Veljko Linta

Architect, Ecovillage Designer and Gaia Education Certified Trainer
Matthew Bach avatar

Matthew Bach

UrbanA Coordinator
Delphine Dethier avatar

Delphine Dethier

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